Meet the Team: Cast

For our final question and answer session with Conviction at Above the Arts, we introduce you to the incredible cast that we have on board; Polly Attala, Jamie Coleman, Holly Donovan, Jason Denyer and Playful Moon co-founder, Gabriella Gadsby. With a few questions thrown out to the whole cast, here is what they all came up with.

Tell us about Conviction in three words.

JAMIE: Painful. Lonely. Scary.

(Side note: the cast had just finished a run of the play at this point.)

Which aspect of the project caught your eye?

HOLLY: I was excited about the inclusion of violin when in character. I have always wanted to play as a character rather than just being off-stage and then switching into role. It has really been thought about, although a challenge at the same time.

What is the most challenging aspect of this play?

POLLY: The most challenging aspect of this play for me was taking on the role of Milada and the fact that I am playing an actual historical character. She was such an amazing woman and her story is so important and under told, that embodying that and taking on that responsibility is quite daunting but an absolute privilege. It is incredibly exciting and challenging to be able to do.

Why should people come to see Conviction?

JASON: It’s a fascinating play in the respect that it highlights a point in history that not everyone might be aware of. It makes clear how difficult the situation was in the country at that time and the conflict between the people; whether they should accept the Soviet rule or seek their own independence. There is a huge conflict of interest going on in.

If one of you is most likely to be convicted for a crime, who would it be and why?

POLLY: I think it would be Holly. Most likely for a crime of passion!

Conviction is playing at Above the Arts between 3 – 8 October 2016. For more information and tickets visit: